Change Management
Executive Coaching
Market Analysis
Reporting Audit

Tauranga, New Zealand

Role: Consultant Analyst



Tauranga YMCA was tired of relying on unpredictable government support and grants for support. The programs that residents of all ages relied on were often threatened with closure by a new government’s shift in spending priorities. My time with the Tauranga YMCA coincided with the National Government shutting down financial support of community-driven after-school care programs.

The nearest university announced it would be moving down-town, prompting a surge in local economic planning and new infrastructure. The Y wanted to investigate the opportunities this injection might hold for the organization.

The Y also faced some challenging internal dynamics. Collaboration between volunteers and staff was intermittent, few reporting systems provided useful information and there was a sense that things would get better due to some external change.


I was engaged as a consultant to conduct due diligence for a student and low-income housing development for Tauranga YMCA.

Completing this project, I was asked to stay on and assist the executive team with a myriad of challenges that were proving persistent. I lead collaborative process review workshops that doubled as conflict resolution exercises. I also conducted market analysis and guided executive efforts in capturing new markets.


My efforts directly built financial sustainability into the organization. New markets and accurate data became accessible and informed strategy and operational decision making. Staff and volunteers collaborated on process development and therefore shared ownership of the results, leading to more harmonious, efficient work.


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