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Tauranga-Mount Maunganui, New Zealand

Role: Project Manager



Mount Maunganui is a tourism-driven township on New Zealand’s east coast. Local businesses and the larger community depend on the steady flow of visitors to this idyllic location. Local business owners were experiencing the economic impact of petty crime in the central business district.


In 2002, a task-force was assembled. Key leaders (local government, police, indigenous councils, etc.) from within the community contributed their leadership and insight. As Project Manager, I specifically focused on recruiting, training, and equipping local teams of safety patrols. 

I committed to recruit team members form the within the local long-term unemployed. Drawing on the indigenous philosophy of Whare Tapa Wha (the house has four walls), a holistic approach that emphasizes interdependence and mutual success, training focused on de-escalation through empathetic risk management. 



Sponsorship for the project was secured from local businesses for a period of two years. Local police reported record numbers of crime-free weeks during the length of the project. 


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