The Makdissi Soundtrack

Over the weekend a friend commented on how certain songs would now always bring her back to Beirut.  Stated somewhat tongue in cheek, I couldn’t agree more…  Perhaps an “upside” to the Makdissi apartment is the proximity it has granted me to the array of auditory stimuli Hamra has to offer, and does, whether desired or not.

Far East Movement’s “G6” accompanies classical Arabic twang as an opener.  Punctuated by the fruit vendor’s morning throat clearing hack and at least five service horn blasts in quick succession, the set moves to Rihanna and Eminem’s “Love the Way You Lie”.  From here several morning doves offer a quiet, suspense building coo, the jack hammers and generators begin their crescendo, a car engine revs, also providing a smoke show, and “Tick Tock”, compliments of Ke$ha (or Kee-money sign-ah for all your Glee watchers), throbs through the canyon-like corridor.  A verbose conversation might accent the standard play list, or a car alarm provide an interesting treble tone, but if nothing else the “standard” can be anticipated, both morning and night, late night.