Gatsby, ink, and Roman ruins (29B28 Update)

A 29 item list, I’m finding out, can be a bit daunting.  I’m looking forward to what I’ve penned as goals for this year, but progress is incremental.  An update…

Done and done.

13/ Moonlight Hike

15/ Take at least one Arabic class at Saifi (I completed two)

22/ Visit Baalbek

24/ Officially become a client of Monica Lauritsen Photography.  {I’m lucky to have such a talented friend! even luckier to now own a few of her pieces! Check out her work at:}

In process:

4/ Add to my tattoo: in keeping with ink wisdom, several ideas are now posted the the ‘fridge. If I still love ‘em in a few months time, I’ll be adding ink over the summer.

10/ Traveling with Jamie and Landon last fall got me half way on this one (Bucket List: to travel internationally with each of my siblings is a must). Now to sort the other half…

17/ I suppose at least having a copy of The Great Gatsby has me a little closer to this goal.

19/ The photo projects are sorted! Stay tuned for more details and initial shots.

And those that wouldn’t be…

So far only one goal slots into this category… Oregon had no snow when I was home at Christmas so #26 (to snowboard with Travis, which I haven’t done in far too long) has gone the way of the bin, …unless Hood has a good glacier pack this summer, which might mean resuscitation could be in order…