Southern Road Trip stream of consciousness... and #5

13th…Beirut to Saida (Sidon): Sea Castle (built in 1228 by the crusaders on a former temple site, destroyed by the Mamlukes, renovated 17th century): dates, trash, Roman pillars. “$1, $1”, falafel, the souk (districts: clothing, meat, etc), Castle of St. Louis  //  Saida to Jezzine: the waterfall (40m), traversing the ravine, perspective, conversation&story sharing: Megan and Wade/all things into the fireplace, kerosene leak, bunk room style

14th… Jezzine to Rachaiya, in a roundabout sort of manner: manouche from the proud Egyptian, mining and stone work, a rich town, the checkpoint: pronunciation confusion/”guess what happened at work today…”, back the way we came, a yellow road/rockslide/thankful for a small car, the Hezbollah museum at Mleeta/questions/”Are you a journalist?”, coffee in Jbaa (Errt… “Please sit. It is raining.”), to Maasser ech Chouf, turned back by snow, to the Damascus highway, driving(!), Rachaiya: main street, lived in, Wade’s pentient for conversation paying off, heaters/books/tangerines/wine/tea/shishtaouk/cards/rain-winter weather, camping but not

15th… Rachaiya to Beirut, via Chtaura and cheese/honey sandwhiches: up early to take in snow-capped Mt. Hermon, more manouche, a morning trek, the Bekaa and Turkish coffee