An Afternoon at the Museum

I finally got around to spending some time at the National Museum (interesting the number of “Oh I haven’t even been there yet” like responses from others who have resided in Beirut much longer than I).  The texture, color, and history are awe-inspiring; to protect the artifacts during the Civil War, the curator encased many in cement hulls. The collection boasts stella, tombs, and other remnants of the many civilizations that have claimed this small swath of coast as “home”. It was an experience to be yelled at by a guard (something was not to his liking about my ticket, which had been purchased at the ticket counter about 30 seconds before I proceeded to the entrance) as well as have the cab driver ask a little too intently if I was married on the drive home, and at the end of it all, my reflections turned to what isn’t in the museum- the plethora of ruin, hidden story, and history throughout this small country.