Market To Table à la Hipcooks Seattle

Our Seattle Sunday morning was, post coffee and lazy flips of newspapers, spent at Hipcooks Seattle, learning to make scrumptious recipes and, even better, eating our efforts around a community table.

I’m not an avid cook (chips and salsa is a legitimate meal in my mind) but when spending time with three of the grandest foodies I know, organizing a cooking class only seemed right. Hipcooks Seattle offers a Market to Table class in which the chef brings whatever looked amazing at the market to the studio and you learn how to prepare a range of ingredients and create a feast (and get all the recipes too!). As I am notorious for opening the ‘fridge to see what might combine with what to create dinner, this “whatever we find” approach appealed.

Squash flowers basted in a light tempura were first. Next came the homemade fettuccine and fava bean ragout (fava beans might just be one of the most high labor to low yield foods I have ever cooked with). Fresh Copper River Sockeye Salmon, sautéed spinach with walnuts and aioli, and seared heirloom tomatoes were the main course. And dessert included perfect summer berries over homemade ice cream with a balsamic glaze. All paired with local wines.