Delivery drones will mean the end of ownership | Verge 2021

Astro Teller's (the lead for Google X) take on an ownership vs. access society, drones, resilience, and not predicting the future. I think a more realistic, and hopeful, analysis of our ever changing culture and world. 

Honoring Designs That Make Life More Comfortable For Kids Living With Autism | Core77

Having supported pre-verbal littles navigating the Autism spectrum, I especially love the Compress Pack. More here

Ethan Zuckerman: Solving Other People's Problems With Technology | The Atlantic

Zuckerman speaks to the perils of forgetting empathy and humanity when designing potential solutions.

How 'Concept Creep' Made Americans So Sensitive to Harm | The Atlantic

Resilience is much like a muscle, needing exertion and some stress to stave off atrophy. Our present heightened awareness of all things triggering and potentially harmful is completely, utterly well intentioned. And could have some unintended consequences.

MAP: How Diverse (or Not) Is Your Kid's Public School? | DNAinfo New York

The wisdom of students expressed throughout this piece is encouraging. How do we design an education system that recognizes the innate value of perspective and learning with those unlike us? 

The Overprotected Kid | The Atlantic

The part of me that still evaluates a tree based on its tree house capacity did a jig upon reading this fantastic piece. Throughout 10 years in education I have worked with many resilient kids. I have also worked with an alarming number who wilt at the slightest set back. I do think there is much to be learned from scraped knees and forts, and that we would do many kids well to design for resilience and play. 

A Growing Movement To Spread Faith, Love — And Clean Laundry | NPR

Laundry Love, a non-profit, was started by a dear friend. It is an exemplary human-centered research and design initiative, and I am continually reminded by the vision of Laundry Love to design for what people need, what contributes and supports their humanity and place in society. 

NPR's write up. 

Reading the City | The New York Times

So many insightful and thought provoking ideas. Book recommendations too!

How David Beats Goliath | The New Yorker

I read a bit of Gladwell in grad school but this will be a perennial favorite. How an underdog team and coach break the status quo in basketball, and why we would all do well to heed their example.