Catching Up

Realizing this morning that it’s been a month since any substantial posting has occurred…. How time flies…  And the past month has been brilliantly full; not “busy” in a frantic, I-can’t-breath sense but sufficiently full of life, and, more importantly, life shared.  More details to come, but for now a quick re-cap:

1/ Jamie and Landon visited for two weeks.  You can read more about their thoughts on the trip at: My Front Porch Views

2/ Part of the visit was a weekend trip to Istanbul. ♥. Plain and simple. Sadly, Eid meant the markets were closed, however, the entry visa is good for six months…

3/ Then on to Lisbon, Portugal, for a work conference.  Fantastic and energizing professional collaboration, with time to thoroughly enjoy the cobblestones, fall leaves, and meanders through the Centro de Arte Moderno and the Museo Coleccao Berardo. And the sharks and rays at Oceanario really are as cool as the guidebooks say. Disappointed that I missed out on MUDE (darn no-museum Mondays)- maybe another time…

4/ Half way through my first Saifi Arabic class: loving what I’m learning, the 45 minute walk from work to class three times a week, and the excuse to get to know Gemmayze a bit more. A little nervous for Wednesday’s mid-term…

5/ The Banff Film Festival was fantastic: was especially keen on Life Cycles

6/ And the BSP put on a great one year anniversary gig at Tawlet last Tuesday.

And a few things I’m loving right now:
1/ Drinkify: if you ever wondered which drink pairs best with your favorite band, look no further.
2/ Design Crush: I could spend a lot of time browsing the design updates and ideas… oh wait… I do.
3/ I’ll definitely be ordering more Market Spice Spiced Cider Mix
4/ Fall/winter cooking: raisin-nut bread, lentil soup, vegetable roasts, breakfast for dinner, risotto paired with a warm red or cider.
5/ Richard Louv’s The Nature Principle
6/ Elephantine (Gemmayze), If (Hamra), and the funky antique shop tucked into the corner of a neon/concrete monstrosity on Rue Gouraud: inflated price tags but great design and/or appreciation for the past none the less.