Cambodia | Spring Hols 2011 (Or... A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words,so the more the better)

A bit of a stream of consciousness description of 9 days spent in a truly beautiful and dynamic country… the brilliance of fresh, off the tree mangos and the hospitality of the FCOP compound… jackfruit: tasted a lot like Bubblicious gum… the old ways: weaving a skill taught through FCOP, and a means of reviving a dying craft… The Russian Market: amazing… A morning at Toul Scleng Genocide Museum: the realities of the Khmer Rouge… juxtapositions abound… The National Museum and evening on the Mekong waterfront, complete with sugar cane juice… Angkor Stout and crickets: not a half bad diet… bike on moto and street dining… Angkor Wat in time for the sunrise… Bayon… Touk Touk style and expansive green… something about the epic jungle, copious temples, and lack of parameters elicited the kid in me: climbing provoked lightheartedness, and the lone warning sign, a laugh…  The “Red Cross” temple: the only location that incorporated earth, wind, and water and so was thought to be the origin of all cures which, in addition to the arial view of a cross, warrants the name… getting a little lost and off trail but with the reward of a one of a kind view of the location… final market fixes… Ideas, ideas, ideas.