#1 | Tawlet Cooking Class

I fell in love to Tawlet’s menu, space, and ethos during my first visit last year and when I found out they offer cooking classes, was all in.  This has been perhaps one of my more anticipated 29 Before 28 list items this year, and last night it was so lovely to share the experience with Ted, Bethany, and Lindsay.

We had Tawlet, in all its bright, airy amazingness to ourselves for a private cooking class, Lebanese 101, with the objective being to learn how to make Kebbeh Batata, Mutabal, Kebbeh (meat variety), and Tabbouleh. Our teacher was a chef from the North who teased us, seemed particulary enamored with Ted, and patiently accommodated our shutter bug tendencies.  Bethany took copious notes which we all agreed was a God send as we’d try to remember but weren’t being as good of students as she was. We mixed, cut, sorted, and laughed, a lot, with the final product being an absolutely fabulous meal, one I think I could reproduce (with the help of Bethany’s notes of course).

Mutabal: roasting the eggplant, the wash, mix well.

Pre-oven goat kebbe.

Kebbe batata in process.

The fruits of our labor, and laughter.