I improve

The Company I Keep

Hi, I'm Jodi.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia | Night Market exploring, pre Angkor Wat.

For 15+ years I've researched, observed, and finessed the nuances of what we delight in, value, and resign to, and how those orientations impact behavior and choice. 

I've worn a few hats in my career, and thrive on co-creating with diverse, complex communities. As a result, I artfully guide multi-discipline projects and identify priorities and action steps in the knottiest challenges. I've spearheaded strategy initiatives, guided participatory design processes, and logged extensive fieldwork leadership experience, most recently in Lebanon and Argentina. 

Currently, I am part of the team at This, in Portland, Oregon, contributing as Lead Producer / Strategist. 


I got my start coding, digging into psychology and sociology, reporting on under-20 perspectives, and studying aboard in New Zealand. Then I started university.

I dove deep into human / societal behavior study (BA/MS), explored the globe, and continued to flex fabrication, experience, and visual design skills. I also developed a knack for design thinking, data as story, project and change management, and systems analysis. 

Experience has taught me that the core of my value to a team is in the following:
+ I embrace ambiguity and chaos as part of the process.
+ I am a multi-linguist of human-centered initiatives. I speak fluent strategist, executive, difficult client, and marketer; several dialects of stakeholder; and enough designer, business manager, programmer, Spanish, and, soon, Arabic to get to the heart of a matter.
+ I hold the 30,000' and microscopic view in mind at all times.
+ I don't care who gets credit. Game changing outcomes are my end game.
+ I draw out insights from the most reticent stakeholders.
+ I know the worth of my introverted nature and geeky proclivity for deep research, and Post-its.
+ I run toward fires.


My curiosity was sparked in the twisted junipers of Beech Creek and opulent halls of Buckingham Palace. To this day my work is heavily influenced by travel throughout the Middle East, Europe, Australasia, the Pacific Northwest, Argentina, and Cambodia; Beirut and Buenos Aires as home; life as an honorary Kiwi; and a remote forest in Eastern Oregon.

On the side, you'll find me reading, in the mountains, digging into AI, Behavioral Economics, and design equity, or breaking in a tenkara fly rod.